April 8, 2008

War with Wii

Ever since Wii joined the gaming world as Nintendo's last stance in the console wars, it has dominated. To this day, it is still difficult to get hold of one. Enough said here, what would Microsoft do? Answer: Go after the successful of course!

I've noticed the pattern starting with the Xbox 360 Arcade. Targeted to a more family audience with Xbox Live Arcade games pre-loaded into the console. So they don't come out with just one model, they need to make three (Pro, Elite, and Arcade) to hit the entire market for scraps of each segment.

Next thing you know, sources say that Xbox has been developing a new controller to target the motion controlled, Wii Remote and PS3's own version since this past summer. On top of that, Microsoft is said to include a Mii like character to be used in games. What's next, free Xbox Live and Blu-ray (though this has been denied in recent press releases).

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