April 12, 2008

Hands On with Nokia E90 Communicator

Yesterday, we've arrived Jakarta, Indonesia to visit my in-laws. First thing I noticed about this country is the proliferation of mobile devices. I took some pictures along my way home leaving the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport; large billboards with dazzling smartphones are all over the place. (More on this later)

My father in-law is currently using a company-issued Nokia E90 Communicator. (Around here, Nokia Communicators are more in favor over BlackBerry devices). At first glance, the device is as big as the way I thought they would be. Upon playing with it, I knew immediately why this is the Cadillac of all Nokia S60 3rd edition smartphones:

* High quality finish, better built compared to N95, material and construction
* Much faster application launch and operation, not sure why this is... (compare to N95)
* Coupled with full QWERTY keyboard, making it very quick to communicate
* Gorgeous display, the 800x352 horizontal wide screen is ultra-sharp, iPhone like quality
* Awesome 3G connection; the data connection on Matrix Indosat (Telecom) works great on the e90
* Higher Capacity Battery 1500mAh, for hardcore business application
* This model is Asian spec, so it supports Chinese Text... very cool to communicate in multi-languages

I've attached some photos for your reference. In conclusion, the E90 is the big brother to the N95/96 series that is also an excellent smartphone that comes in a fairly big package.

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