April 9, 2008

Mobile Experience Asia: Eliya I902 Dual GSM Phone

I saw this interesting mobile product on one of Taiwan's shopping channel on TV. The device is a dual GSM card phone (I902) made by a company called Eliya (which I remember reading about this company on ENGADGET prior). Basically, if you travel alot in between two countries, the most economical way to keep in touch is to own two mobile accounts. For those tired of switching their GSM cards or carrying two phones, this is the perfect all in one solution.

What is interesting about this, is the effectiveness of the shopping channels on Cable TV in Taiwan. I’ve seen some good product pitches (ie. Sony T300) as well as for this phone. They find knowledgeable product specialists to go over product features in detail while making the content rather interesting. In this case, they were able to demonstrate all of this phone’s feature, such as: Chinese hand-writing input, video/audio player, dual GSM slots, 2MP camera, etc.

I took some shots off of the TV screen for your viewing pleasure.

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