April 20, 2008

Mobile Experience Asia: Free WiFi Hotspot Abundant in Jakarta

If I have to pick one technological compliments to make about Jakarta, it would be its abundance of free WiFi hotspots throughout the city. Almost all coffee shops, bakeries, and fastfood places offer 802.11x connection to their customers. As a result, these folks love carrying their laptops all over their city. I feel like there are so many free hotspots that you can almost get away with having a 3G Data package with your mobile carrier here in Jakarta.

PS – If you ever visit, you MUST stop by J.CO donuts. These donuts are so light/fluffy/tasty that it makes Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Cream taste like tree bark. I’ve been keeping count, so far, I munched down a dozen over the past couple of days… :)

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