April 15, 2008

Mobile Experience Asia: GPS via Nokia N95

Prior to my Asia trip, I downloaded Nokia Maps of Taiwan and Indonesia (including Bali) to test out the GPS functionality on my Nokia N95-3. With the maps installed onto a 4GB MicroSDHC card, I can rely on the GPS without having to connect to a foreign network and avoid costly data fees.

At the balcony of my in-law's apartment in Jakarta, I successfully got a fix on the satellites. Nokia N95 does require you to keep the slider open and be exposed in a static, open space for about 1-2 minutes to get a read, but once you have a fix, it does a great job tracking in moving vehicles.

Overall, I am very pleased with N95-3's GPS functionality and want to give Nokia mad-props for making all of their maps available to customers free of charge (although the maps are a little out dated, I found a few small streets missing in Jakarta). Streets in foreign metropolitans can be intimidating, with the N95-3 GPS leading the way, it helped me understand my whereabouts like no other trip I've taken in the past.

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