May 8, 2008 Ups mCommerce with TextBuyIt has been on the frontier of "m-commerce"; taking a strong position and making its online retail presence available to handsets/smartphones across the board. They've just upped the ante with a new service, known as TextBuyIt. As the program's name implies, you can now text or SMS an ISBN number of a product to "AMAZON" (262966) and expect to receive the price and some options to transact. Should you decide to reply with a response, a call will made to you by staff to help complete the transaction.

With TextBuyIT, Amazon now has added an extra level of coverage to their quest in mobile dominance. Considering only 19% of people have access to mobile internet, an astounding 69% uses text message service. If anything, I think this can create a simple comparison shopping engine effect when a customer is in a brick & mortar store. As matter a fact, other than being in a store, I can't think of another way to easily access an item's ISBN number. (Source: JupiterResearch and Internet Retailer)

The Mobile Experience has tested this service out for you. I typed in a book that I am currently reading which has the ISBN of 0-596-52733-0. Mind you that typing numbers in a text is a bit of a hassel, for instance, dailing a "5" would require me to hit that button four times. Imagine doing this for all ten figures. Within seconds, I received 2 emails. The first one just gives me a message on how to use TextBuyIt program via my reply. The second one gave me the book's name and price. No mentions of free shipping over $25. See the screenshots for yourself.

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