May 5, 2008

Apple iPhone 2.0 Chinese Input

There are some screenshots circulating the web claiming that Apple iPhone's firmware 2.0 will be supporting not only Chinese input but handwriting recognition as well. As someone who's done his fair share of testing iPhone's Chinese text support capabilities in the past, I am going to attempt to translate the website ( which hosted these iPhone 2.0 Chinese screenshots for your convenience.

[begin translation]
Apple iPhone 2.0 Chinese Input
In the latest iPhone 2.0 5A258f beta testing firmware, Apple has finally added Chinese input feature.
And most importantly... it has got handwriting recognition!!!
Hahaha~ Never do I have to waste time hitting the onscreen keyboard again.

Please have a look at the screenshots.

In this photo, features predictive dictionary...

Simplified Chinese input as well as new Japanese input interface...

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