May 4, 2008

AT&T Tilt Cost on the Rise? $249 on Amazon

I've always given AT&T Tilt great appraisal for its loaded functionality and spec (3.5G Asia + Europe and US, Wifi, GPS, WM6, etc...). I've seen its price on Amazon fluctuate from as low as $49 to $99 to $174 after rebates. As of this morning, they are going for $249after rebate on Its still a deal considering that the phone itself is priced at $600.

It is unusual to the cost of a subsidized phone that is going on its 7 month on the market to go up when all other phones are being lowered. If you are seriously considering this phone, you might want to see a limited discount of the N95-4 8GB US editionfor a mere $579 (MSRP $799).

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