May 19, 2008

Camera Phone Shutter Sound

9 out of 10 Camera phones I've owned use a simulated shutter sound to alert the user that a photo has been taken. Usually, this sound clip is loud, obnoxious and distracts the object. Its as if the manufacturers are trying to out do each other, by providing the most atrocious sound clip.

I wish more camera phones would offer a quick option to turn this sound off. Typically from the camera UI/menu, they don't offer this. The only way I've been able to work around this is to set the entire phone profile to silent, thereby mutes all sound make from using this phone. While we are on the topic of camera phone improvement, I wish they can store manual settings as well. For example, I always have to remember to turn flash off before I shoot each time. It kinds a little tiresome after a while.

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