May 16, 2008

Casual Friday Gadget Gear

I love to travel light. I apply this mantra to my day to day commute to work (which involves some walking and one express stop on the subway). To keep the messenger bag off of me, I keep my gadgets light and airy. This has allowed me to stroll through the busy sidewalks of NYC quickly and dodge slow people and pet owners. So I thought it'd be a fun entry to show you exactly what I have with me on this casual Friday.

Adidas Track Jacket Hoodie: I found up this gem when I visited Indonesia from an Adidas Original Store. I found a similar that is brown w/ orange stripe from Japan once but this one fits me a little better so I love it. For whatever reason, I can't find one similar in the SOHO Adidas store. On a rainy day like today, the hoodie comes in handy; you can still see damp marks on the photo from when I walked in rain earlier. Its important that my jacket has zipper pockets so I can keep my items secure should I decide to pick up my pace and run across an intersection to make the light or catch a bus.

Nokia N95-3: No need for too much introduction here, I have had a couple of reviews already. The bottom line is that this is like a mobile office solution; I can check my emails, take pictures/videos and use it as a media player to replace my iPod. Ever since I installed fring, it even opened up more communications capabilities. My manager often communicates with me via text message, so it makes it even more convenient and instant than emails. With price dropping to as low as $488, its a good time to pick one up!

Swiss Army Classic SD Knife : I never go anywhere without my Swiss Army knife. Even if I have to air travel, I would take it off and check it with my bags. This is probably single most important gadget I've ever used and the best $10 I've ever spent. I can't imagine how many times the little knife, screwdriver tip, file, scissor, toothpick and tweezers. This particular pocket knife has been with me for at least 6 years, prior to that, I kept one all throughout college until they were confiscated at airport security. They are very durable and requires very little maintenance. When I moved to NYC two and half years ago, while waiting for my real tools to arrive, my wife and I assembled three dressers from Crate and Barrel using only this and a Leatherman Micra.

Billfold Wallet: Every man needs a good wallet to keep his finance organized. The brand is not important, I personally like Montblanc and their accessories for its quality and minimalist design. The configuration is what is important. In this case, the wallet has 8 credit card slots, two bill folds plus two more hidden slots for whatever you please. It keeps all of my important documents organized and allows me to quickly retrieve frequently used cards.

Not Shown: A pair of basic black Converse All-Stars and a pair of Jeans from H&M. Both items are affordable, durable and offer a classic street look.

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