May 29, 2008

Charge 2 or 4 iPods/iPhones with Griffin PowerDock

I've accumulated several iPods over the years. In fact, right now, I've got an iPod 30GB, iPod Nano and two iPhones in my household. When preparing for a trip, making sure all of my devices have been charged has becoming a daunting task. The time it takes to charge your cameras, laptops, cell phones, iPods, iPhone, Gameboy and PSP can take a long time and it becomes a hassle to juggle between multiple chargers as well as finding available outlets.

Griffin Technology just announced the availability of two multi-charging stations that can ease up this process. The PowerDock2 ($49), available today, can support any combination of two iPods or iPhones while the PowerDock4 ($69), available in July, can support up to any four devices. Griffin will include six different adapters to support any size iPod that includes a dock connector.

This looks pretty handy and will definitely provide the solution needed families with multiple iPods and iPhones. I will try to provide a real life review shortly. Stay tuned!

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