May 5, 2008

Island Def Jam Mobile Website

Island Def Jam Records has teamed up with netomat to launch amobile website allowing fans to stay connceted to artist news, pictures and tour information. Simply by pointing your mobile browser to and you will be connected to all the information under Island Def Jam's wing. Fans can now follow the latest updates from artists including Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Kanye West, Fall Out Boys, Rick Ross and more right from their mobile phones.

I am always glad to see companies taking a chance with their mobile development and create a mobile platform to anticipate the shift in media. “Island Def Jam is a big believer in mobile. Our partnership with netomat shows our commitment to giving our fans access to the latest content and the best fan community experience whenever they want, on the devices they carry everywhere they go,” said Christian Jorg, Senior Vice President of New Media and Commerce at Island Def Jam.

In today's mobile space, a mobile portal is largely used as an extra channel for branding initiatives. This is no doubt a smart move for IDJ as they've positioned themselves to the core users of multi-media rich smartphones such as the Sidekick, Chocolate or LG Vu. The mobile portal will also include community functions for posting messages and promotions. It will also include a premium service for exclusive mobile content.

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