May 18, 2008

Nokia GPS Location Tagger

I got a chance to test out Nokia's Location Tagger application from its Beta Labs. This app can be used in conjunction with compatible phone's GPS and camera to record the geographic location (longitude/Latitude) for each picture taken from Eseries and Nseries phones like the E90, N95 and N82. According to Nokia, this should work with all Symbian S60 3rd edition phones w/ integrated GPS or external bluetooth GPS. Geo-Tagging will be an important meta-data for photography in the future; and currently, smartphones with integrated GPS is a convenient way to start such implementation. I foresee future point-n-shoots and DSLRs to come equip with some form of Geo-Tagging feature.

Nokia's software is pretty cool and simple to use. To get started, simply launch Location Tagger app and let it find a fix for satellite signal (on m N95, I kept the slider open, since thats how it is for me to use my GPS normally, once I got a lock on Satelite signal, I can close the slider down to shoot photos). It took me about 30 seconds before getting a full satellite read. After that, use the "hide" command or just launch your camera. You'll notice a small green logo on your camera/LCD screen which indicates the Geo-Tagger in action.
After taking each shot, the application will tell you that it has been tagged. If you upload your 'geo-tagged' images to an application like PicasaWeb, Google Earth or Flickr, it will show you the location each picture has been taken from automatically. Please find a couple screenshots of PicasaWeb Google Maps integration using a picture I took this morning.
Mitsuwa Supermarket, a popular Japanese Market Chain, this one is in Edgewater, NJ.

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