May 9, 2008

Nokia Map Loader Sucks

Tonight has been a difficult night working with Nokia software. After all the agony earlier, now I can't get Map Loader to launch.

It kept prompting:

"Connection to the map server has been interrupted. Make sure that your Internet connection is working and retry. If you are still unable to download, try again later."

I don't have a problem with my internet; and was getting a little irritated by the prompt repeatedly asking me to "try again later." Overall, this software is not too intelligent. It refuses to launch unless the phone is attached as "mass storage"; while I understand a phone connection is essential, why can't I proceed with map download in a queue first, then attach the phone before the process begins? It now deemed that I have an internet interruption when I have perfectly fine internet access; although I don't see why it is necessary to even having this prompted, it should just launch especially if I don't have internet access, I would not be able to see any download progress later on. (ie. Firefox and Internet Explore never fail to launch regardless of internet connection). My final complaint is that this program is doing everything is a semi-real time environment; it downloads a region and installs to my microSD card. If midway through you get an internet interruption, all bets are off; you will be asked to start all over again. Why can't this program download the maps to PC first and then proceed to install? It would be a more fail-safe approach.

I am not thrilled about my recent experience with some of Nokia's software design. They make it quite difficult for users to complete tasks. Whats a hardware good for if you lack the solid software experience to support it. I am sorry to have to say this, but Nokia Map Loader user experience sucks!

Update: 10:24PM - For some reason, clicking or launching Map Loader through PC Suite causes this problem ("Internet Interuption"). If I launch the re-installed Map Loader software via Start->Program->Nokia->Nokia Map Loader instead, problem solved.

Update: 5/18/2008 - I realized that sometimes, Nokia would temporarily shut down its application server to perform routine maintainence. Because of the missing connection to their server, I would see the error message as mentioned above. See my latest entry where things start to make sense. Never-the-less, a bad mobile experience for users.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a really bad user experience indeed. I always get this "internet connection interrupted" after trying so many times for a few days.

Apart from its strange logic of operationa and failure to do so, it requires that you get a large .NET framework from M$ (which took more time and space that the program itself) just to download files and save it to the mass storage drive.

What a mess. Does Nokia find it so hard to let the user publicly download and save it to the MMC manually? That would be far less pain than this. (

Or, does Nokia find it so difficult to make a native C++ program to do this amazingly simple task?

They choose to make it the non-native way, but under a framework/"virtual machine" that only runs on its native OS.

At least, if they made it with Java, it would easily work on Mac, Linux and require far less space and time for the Java J2RE runtime environment than this .NET stuff that's locked with M$ alone that didn't even work.

andy said...

I think I finally understood the way Nokia designed this process. Essentially, they offer different base maps for each Nokia Maps application. Depending on your phone's firmware and applications version, it would trigger a different map set. I noticed at one time I would download a map for Indonesia and see it being 20MB while a friend with an older Maps application would see it as 4MB. Regardless what we do, it wouldn't show any different. Finally when I copied my maps from my MicroSDHC to his, the maps program failed to launch. Also noticed when I upgraded to Maps 2.0, there are more details included to the map set when I downloaded the new maps. So all of these requirement such as "must attach a phone to computer" or plug in a pre-Nokia-formatteed memory card is just a matter of checking which version of maps application you are running on your phone.

That said, I finally understood this process, but still find this process a little frustration from time to time.