May 22, 2008

Nokia Maps 2.0 Officially Released

Nokia Maps 2.0 which has been in the beta labs for a couple of months has finally been released as a full application update for most Symbian S60 3rd edition handsets. I have been using Maps 2.0 beta for a few weeks. There doesn't appear to be any significant difference going from Beta (2.0_1803_3.1) to full 2.0 release (2.0_2102_3.1).

Installation on my N95 took a solid 10 minutes to complete (which is by far one of the longest installation time I've ever seen). Everything went smoothly as usual. The application launched as usual recognizing the previous downloaded maps off of my MicroSD card. I will give it a test tomorrow morning while walking to work. (Nokia: Maps Info, Download Maps 2.0)

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