May 28, 2008

Nokia N95-3 Browser Flash Support Test via 20.2.011 Firmware

One of the most exciting features with the recent firmware update for the Nokia N95-3 (RM-160) phones has to be it Flash Lite 3 support. This can potentially unlock so much more mobile experience for its users. Flash support has been one of those highly desirable features challenging almost all smartphones. Currently, to find a smartphone that is fully capable of supporting Flash in a mobile browser is almost non-existent; not even with the high acclaimed iPhone (mobile Safari). One can only hope Skyfire can bring this to reality soon.

As you can see, this feature is quite important for the Nokia symbian S60 3rd edition handsets. Yours truly decided to test out a few websites featuring Flash-rich animations and see how the Nokia browser would handle the flash rendering. The end result is not great; only 1 out of 4 websites I tested worked with some of navigational bugs (won't scroll all the way to the top of page). Take a look at the comparisons for yourself between a desktop browser vs. Nokia browser handling Flash animations.

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