May 9, 2008

Nokia N95-3 Firmware Update

I was told that Nokia has released a firmware update (Apr 2008) which now supports Geo-Tagging for N95 and N82 phones. I will be testing this out tonight and hopefully be able to get my phone setting back to its current state again. Time to make a checklist of what I need to do:

*Sync or backup my calendar, notes, address book w/ Outlook 2007
*Nokia PC Suite - (make sure its up to date)
*Nokia GPS Maps - Map Loader (not sure if my old map set on my SDCard would work or needs to be redo)
*Music/MP3 (I think the existing MP3s should work), music manager part of PC Suite
*Re-install: Teashark Browser (mobile link here)
*Re-install: Google Maps (mobile link here)
*Re-install: Screenshot (mobile link here)
*Re-install: fring voip IM app (mobile link here)
*Re-install: Yahoo Go! 3.0 (mobile link here)
*Re-install: Gmail App (mobile link here)
*Re-install: YouTube or EmTube
*Re-install: Opera Mini 4 (mobile link here)
*Setup GMail IMAP

Test some new features and offerings:
*Nokia Maps 2.0 Beta (desktop link here)
*Location Tagging Beta (desktop link here)
*DivX Mobile (mobile link here)

I didn't realize how intensive this update is, I somehow committed myself to some real work this weekend!

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