May 26, 2008

Nokia N95-3 RM160 Firmware Update 20.2.011

Nokia has jumped the gun in releasing the latest firmware 20.2.011 update for the North American 3G N95-3. It seems like these days, I always find myself re-installing the firmware for this phone. The update is still not supporting Windows Vista or OS X. Basically, it is an XP friendly scenario. This update requires you to 113.5MB prior to installation so make sure you give yourself some time for this major upgrade.

Make a short list of your favorite applications (ie. Nokia Maps 2.0, Geo-Tagger, Screenshot, ec.) and back up your contacts. You'll need to reinstall and sycnhronize everyone once the firmware is flashed. Once again, this is where the benefit of having MicroSDHC expansion comes in handy, so my maps, music and photos are still in place.

Boot time seems to have improved as most people have claimed. I haven't gotten a chance to thoroughly test the new firmware just yet. Stay tuned for more updates!


tigurr said...

i'm quite pleased with this update.... i now can get GPS locks, and the XP sync / file transfering is better... if the boot / load time is better i didn't notice

Anonymous said...

man i dont know what the fuck is going on with my cellphone i did the update and when i try to browse on the phone i cant becuase it turns off everytime i try to browse, dont know what going on if u have any of whats the solution for this please let me know.