May 19, 2008

Nokia N95, N82, Symbian Sound Profile Demystified

Nokia's profile in its NSeries and ESeries smartphones can be a little confusing for non-Symbian S60 3rd Edition users. Instead of choosing simpler terminologies, they use profiles appropriate for a given environment. Typically, these type of design is what I label as "over-zealous"; by putting so much effort in a seemingly simple task, they end up losing touch and becomes less intuitive. To access your profile, click on the power button once or go to Menu>Tools>Profile.

Please find the guide below to demystify each profile:
*Normal - This is the regular mode. By default, ringing volume is set to medium, vibrate off, and beeps for Text and Emails
*Silent - This one doesn't need too much translation, its silences everything (use this for movies, lectures, etc.)
*Meeting - turns all alerts into different beeping sounds. It alerts you without drawing too much attention. I suppose thats why its good for non-formal meetings.
*Pager - Vibrate-only
*Outdoor - Basically, outdoor mode is making the phone as loud as possible to overcompensate outside noise. Vibration on
*Offline - is like the airplane mode. It turns your phone function off while leaving everything else on (for music, media, pictures, etc...)

You can customize a specific profile to your liking by choosing your own sound, alerts and vibration preference. Or you can tweak the existing profiles to your liking as well, for example, I turned volume of Medium a couple notches lower and turned vibrate on. It even has an option to say caller name.

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