May 18, 2008

Nokia PC Suite and Software Update Demystified!

If you've been trying to use some of Nokia's software/application updates and have some trouble accessing them, I may have found the reason. Usually, I get an error message asking me to check my network connection or firewall setting.

After a little digging on the Nokia Software Update news link, things have become clear. Apparently, occasionally, Nokia would shut down its software update server for routine maintenance. I had a hard time getting my phone re-flashed this weekend due of this.

If you are getting the following message "Network connection lost, check your network connection or whether a firewall is preventing the application from working properly." and have double checked your network and firewall setting; head on over to the update news link to see if Nokia may have shut down its server temporarily. Strangely, during this weekend's down time, after I kept on trying the software updater, I managed to get through... so during this time, if you are desperate, keep trying, you might be able to get through.

Regarding to why software update no longer supports Vista in my previous post on 5/9/08. You can see from the same news link that as of 5/8/08, Nokia temporarily removed Vista support due to recent changes in certain Microsoft Vista configuration.

The bottom line and lesson I've learned throughout all of this is that when your smartphone is not behaving correctly, don't just assume its something wrong on your end. As you can see, it can very well be the carrier's downtime or manufacturer's downtime. I would recommend sit tight, and wait it out a couple of days before taking drastic action which can cost you money but lead to no results as it wasn't anything wrong on your end to begin with.

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