May 14, 2008

Refurbished iPhone is Back $249 and $349

Most tech affiliate marketing sites have picked up this offer: AT&T Wireless store has the refurbished iPhones 8GB and 16GB back in stock for $249 and $349 respectively. The last time this was available, I remembered the stock was cleared out within hours. Truth is, at $249, you are to picking up a state-of-the-art music/media player/phone/internet appliance. This is a pretty good deal. Even a Nokia N800 is going to set you back a cool $200 with less to offer. I also remembered that Apple Store online used to sell refurb 8GB iPhone for $349.

Anyone who's interested in unlocking this phone, stop by ZiPhone to pick up an unlocking software of your choice (available for both PC and Mac). With a simple to use GUI, you can unlock this within minutes. Considering the retail price of a decent smartphone will run you $400-600, you can now have some guilt-free fun at this price.

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