May 30, 2008

Review: Case Logic Small Digital Camera Tripod PVT14

People often dismiss the importance of a tripod; and I am not even talking about spending $700 for a full size tripod for your DSLR. Sometimes a small counter-top tripod for your point-n-shoot can benefit your outcome by making up for its slower shutter speed (that causes image destabilization), for example: group-photo, macro shots for your eBay needs, or if you are a blogger, then product review photos can be sharper and more stabilized.

This is exactly why Case Logic 6 PVT14 Small Digital Camera tripod is going to be my new best friend. The going rate for this tripod is about $10 shipped from (MSRP $29). I've seen other brands that looks identical so it could very likely be an OEM out of China producing it and reselling them to be branded as various products in the U.S.

This tripod is about 6" in height when its fully collapsed for storage. The structure is completely made of plastic ball joints so it is totally flexible allowing you to position your camera in various heights and angles. Each of the grey rings on the ball joint is made of rubber to provide maximum grip depending on the way you shape its stance. The ball joint offers total flexibility and advantage over other small tripods made of sticks in most extreme scenario, you can wrap the legs around a pole to hang the camera upside down. Enclosed are some photos for your reference.

When I get together with my uncles (whats up Uncle Toby and Uncle Mark) from the West Coast, we love to hunt down some fine cuisines. The point-n-shoot cameras come in real handy to capture those beautiful presentations so we can salivate at a later time. With this tripod, I can take sharper images than before. Tip: to maximize your camera performance, I would set up each shot with a timer as any movement in pressing the down the shutter button can cause the image to be blurry rendering the tripod useless!

I've included some images for your reference, click to enlarge.


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First I ordered this tripod on and it arrived right on time. It qualified for free shipping which was great, the box weighed 20 lbs.
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