May 21, 2008

Review: Griffin FlexScreen for iPod Nano

iPod Nano is an amazing MP3/Media Player. Its superb design and compact size is what makes it so cool, at the same time so difficult to get a grip (being so slim and sleek, it can slip out of one's grip easily). Traditionally, I would use a large sheet of touchscreen protector and trim it to provide psuedo-thin-layer protection. It does the job in protecting against scratches but not so much from impact nor does it offer a better grip.

That is where Griffin Technology's new FlexScreen comes in handy. Griffin has been a huge 3rd party accessories vendor for Apple for quite some time. In the past, I've reviewed some solid products such as the iPhone protectors ClearBoost and Wave. Living up to its name in quality and simplicity, the FlexScreen for Nano is well designed as expected. To start, the packaging is remarkably simple without any space wasted. The case is made of two pieces. A top layer composed of hard polycarbonate faceshield which offers the protection for the LCD while the bottom layer is made of frosted and textured silicon sleeve. The silicon sleeve has Lego-like surface offering a better grip; the bottom of this sleeve provides the opening for you to slip the Nano in and gives way to all the connections I/O.

With the entire case installed, it adds a little weight and mass to your tiny iPod; which is the intended purpose. Your iPhone now have adequate protection from every angle. The cut out throughout the case is precise which gives you uninterrupted access to the control dial, headphone jack and data connector. Overall, I am very pleased with the design and for a mere $15 MSRP, its a good investment for your beloved iPod Nano. If you are like me and must have every new gadget when it becomes available, it pays to take good care of your existing gadgets so you can fetch a better price when you decide to sell it to fund your next toy. Therefore, I always do my best to take care my devices since not only will it last longer but hold its value as well.

I've put a slideshow of the product pictures below, you can also access the media gallery here.


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