May 2, 2008

Review: Griffin Wave iPhone Protector

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Couple of days ago, I gave Griffin ClearBoost iPhone protector a review and I really liked it. So I was very anxious to give Griffin Wave iPhone protector a good look. The Wave is a polycarbonate case intended only for basic protection (unlike ClearBoost which also offers wireless signal improvement). Nevertheless, I find the Wave to pull its weight in doing what its suppose to do - to protect your iPhone.

Griffin Wave comes in 7 unique colors. In each package, you'll find the protector case which comes in two-halves along with a screen protector and cleaning cloth. Installation, once again, is a "snap" literally. Whats unique about this case design over the ClearBoost is its "wave" molding which gently grabs each other shut. Griffin calls it wave-shaped enclosure.

Once installed, the Wave gives the iPhone adequate protection against your pocket, purse or bags. The entire back-side is made up of a rubber like finish which increases the grip action in-hand or table-top (whereas the ClearBoost protector only has a strip of rubber-like finish running down the backside antenna). Once again, there are precise openings shaped perfectly to give you access to all of iPhone's ports, controls, and speakers. The fit and finish is solid and if I were to pick, I would probably go for the black color finish to give off a Darth-Vader like appearance.

Conclusion: Apple iPhone is a pretty expensive investment, I would recommend picking up one of these protectors at Amazon for around $20(MSRP $24.95); I know too many people said they've dropped their iPhone and dented its sides; this protector can help soften the impact. [To clarify, this case does not protect against shock; please take good care of all of your gadgets]


hanum said...

so nice. I like the blue one

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