May 28, 2008

Review of Nokia N95-3 RM-160 Firmware Update 20.2.011

With the much anticipated release of the N95-3 firmware V20.2.011 (aka. RM-160, NAM, North American 3G edition), I must say I am pleased with this new firmware. Overall, Nokia has polished its operating system and made it more efficient as well as more organized. Please find some of my upgrade feedback and screen shots below:

*Faster startup time. Unlike other's posted speed of 19 seconds, it took about 30 seconds for me
*Faster camera load time. It took about 2 seconds to launch but another 2 sec to be ready for shooting (much improved compared to it used to take 10 seconds)
*Flash Lite 3 is now supported in the browser (flash capable... see my screenshot of LouisVuitton Site)!!!
* Integrated Search feature now available right on the homepage screen
* N-Gage Demo is now available
* The Menu icons are more organized, clicked on settings now shows a neatly organized 9 icons. (compared to 15 or so in the past)
* When connected via USB, the "mass storage" mode is now sensibly named "data transfer" mode
* Bug/Conflict: When running Screenshot program, the default "camera" button now triggers the Nokia camera to launch after a screenshot is taken (quick fix is to reassign the button to something else within Screenshot application setting)

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