May 1, 2008

Skyfire Browser 0.6 Upgrade Available Today

Skyfire, (original review), the most promising Windows Mobile (and soon Symbian S60) browser just released an upgrade to its beta test. Upgrade your existing 0.5 or 0.55 license to 0.6 today (Your old browser will expire by May 7th, 2008). To upgrade, launch Skyfire on your phone and you'll notice an upgrade now link, click on it to receive an SMS link that takes up to the download link. Stay tuned for an updated review.

In the 0.6 version upgrade, they've addressed the following issues/update:

* Multi-line text entry (2,000 character limit)
* Auto-complete text entry
* Paste into URL or search
* Ability to delete bookmarks
* Multiple zoom modes for touch screen phones
* Double tap to Zoom In and Zoom Out
* Support for custom virtual keyboards (SIP)
* Web search shortcut in softkey menu
* Access to the Windows Mobile Taskbar in softkey menu
* Persistent settings for SmartFit, Mute and Zoom size
* Support for 12-key and 1/2 QWERTY devices
* Password masking
* Backlight usage based on system settings
* OK button sends Skyfire to the background

Click on the image from this entry to read the communication I just received 10 minutes ago. Cheers!

Update: Contributing editor Robert just finished upgrading his AT&T Tilt while on his way to Hawaii for vacation (what dedication!). He is very impressed with the multiple level zoom; the granularity of the zoom apparently is very good. We'll wait for Robert to provide an in depth review once he's spent more time with it.

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