May 6, 2008

Steve Jobs working His Magic Again

I've got to hand it to Steve Jobs for his incredible ability to draw public hysteria over his products. Apple iPhone, once again, is on everyone's mind: When is the 3G version coming out? Are the clues pointing to June 15th? What countries will the iPhone be launching next? Will it go thru Vodafone or Rogers Wireless? Europe or Asia? Would it be sold for full price or subsidized for $199? Even the Apple stock is climbing back up to $186 again. Everyone loves Apple.

Its obvious that Steve Jobs is a master at marketing; but even the best marketer would fail without the support of a solid product. The iPhone is a pretty solid product. After about 8 months of iPhone ownership, I must say that this device is amazing. It provides a sense of fun and excitement beyond anything else I've owned. On top of that, the technology and hardware behind the iPhone is just sexy and flawless. Everything on this device just works in a simple manner which appeals to everyone from students, professionals to housewives.

Jobs has done it again; by squeezing the current iPhone supply tight, he's created a vacuum for his product. The more public wants to know about the supposed 3G iPhone, the more he keeps his mouth shut. So far, I have not seen him going on record to admit to a 3G iPhone. We all know that it has to be part of the future release but all of the rumors and speculation has been coming from 3rd parties. Whatever Apple is brewing up for this upcoming summer, I cannot wait. Knowing their track record of producing amazing iPod/iPhone products, I am also anxiously awaiting for his next big announcement. Good job Apple.

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