May 20, 2008

ZiPhone and Unlocked iPhone Experience

In the past few days, I've had the chance to help three different people unlocking their iPhones using the famous ZiPhone 3.0. Twice w/ Mac version and once w/ PC version and all have been successful. The creator Zibri is nothing short of a genius for producing a perfect 1-click unlocking solution on both computing platforms. I am still pretty amazed at how fast (ie. 5 minutes) it is to unlock, activate and jailbreak the iPhones...

My impression with the unlocked iPhones compared to my AT&T contracted iPhone is that I am very pleased by the 3rd party applications community. They've managed to create a solid library of applications within the; considering the fact that all of these work have been produced in an environment that is not encouraging third party apps (atleast until SDK 2.0 is official). The 3rd party apps are easy to install and have unlocked iPhone's potential beyond imagination. I quickly tested and enjoyed the functions from fring VOIP as well as iSim to import/export address book from SIM Cards. The installer directory is filled with amazing productivity, gaming, developer and other useful applications and most of which are free. iPhone has already got one of the most powerful hardware/OS user experience bar-none. An hacked iPhone is like a preview to whats to come when Google's Android arrives. Imagine a powerful/beautiful OS that is fully open-source and encourages a community to build on free amazing applications? Welcome, my friends, to mobile 2.0!

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