June 16, 2008

Better Mobile Experience Thru Geo-Tagging

The progress in smartphone technology has definitely improved the overall mobile experience; take my recent travel arrangements, for example.

Over the weekend, I've taken my mobile experience to new heights in convenience when we were scouting out a potential neighborhood to eventually move to.

We drove up to Westchester region in White Plains NY without any particular communities in mind. We figured we'd get some ideas on a couple of neighborhoods first then do some research on them later on. Normally, I'd take some photos and write down the cross streets on a paper; this time, however, I turned the GPS on my Nokia N95-3 on and launched both Location-Tagger application on along with the built-in camera. For each photo, I am now capturing the neighborhood along with its GPS coordinates. Back at home, I uploaded this via PicasaWeb to allow me to review the neighborhoods along with photos to remind myself. Just to be on the safe side, I even saved some locations as favorites on Google Maps application so I can revisit later.

Needless to say, these are the types of mobile experiences that can help one manage and enhance tasks. I am very pleased with these new technologies in action!


robert said...

That is awesome! I love the slow but ramping transition of PC to mobile phones. Similar to this experience, I am "seeing" the future of using just a mobile phone.

andy said...

Yeah, this transition has taken some time, but the progress from the mobile community has been grand. I still remember our days in the O.C. when we were looking for the "best" smartphone... you had picked up the Samsung SCH-i730 which was one of the pioneering smartphones for its time.