June 3, 2008

Buy a Mac and Score a Free iPod Touch 8GB

Some of you lucky kids (or grown ups with a student ID) out there will be taking advantage of this sweet offer as yours truly have already exhausted his allowance last September on his slightly out-dated MacBook Pro 2.4GHz and have gotten a 2nd Gen iPod Nano which he has already sold on eBay to help him fund his slightly out-dated technology. So I digress...

Apple Education Store just launched its famous "Back to School" program. You can now get a rebate for a $299 iPod Touch if you buy a qualified iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air between June 3 to Sept 15, 2008. For the money, a White 2.4GHz MacBook is probably the sweetest laptop in its price range, throw in the iPod Touch 8GB just makes this deal that much sweeter. To think current MacBooks w/ 2.4GHz can run neck to neck with my MBP is just something that makes me both happy and sad at the same time.

In anycase, please ignore my jealousy and click through, my academia friends; you are fully within your rights to buy a nice computer for your "education" and a free iPod Touch to boot ain't bad either. Sweet.

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