June 23, 2008

Daily Exercise: Nokia N95-3 Shuts Down Again

Yup, like I promised, I will continue to document for each time my Nokia N95-3 shuts itself down mysteriously since the firmware 20.2.11 upgrade (not much of an upgrade if you ask me, if it shuts itself down at random). This time, the phone shut itself down in the middle of the night, again.

For fun, this time, I will do a soft-reset *#7370# on handset to see if getting rid of all my installed apps may be the cause of this bug. Regardless, I second Michael Mace's article "Nokia goes for 1% Market Share in US", with the bad mobile experience I've had with Symbian S60 3rd Edition and Nokia's lack of quality control in dealing with software issues, I am walking away from them for good!

Update 6/24/08: I started a thread and found another thread on Howard Forums to see if anyone else is getting the same thing, answer is yes. Even the N95-4 people are having the same problem.

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