June 5, 2008

Google Maps Mobile 2.2 Adds Public Transit Status

As posted on the Official Google Mobile Blog, Google Maps for Mobile 2.2 rolled out more awesome features. It now includes public transit status for over 40 cities throughout North America including Chicago, S.F., Vancouver, and Seattle. This feature is not yet available to the desktop version and will be very handy for those waiting for public buses or trains that currently report their arrival time via wireless transmission. This update is available to BlackBerry handsets as well as a handful of Java-enabled phones and will be rolled out to more mobile devices later.

You can download the latest Google Maps for your phone by pointing your mobile device browser here: http://www.google.com/gmm

As of tonight, the latest Google Maps Mobile for Nokia N95 is only which is an upgrade from the verion 2.0 that I had previously installed. No 2.2 for me yet!!!

However, the upgrade does offer several improvements over the previous versions plus a new function to save your favorite locations. This is very nice for repeated locations. Search results is now being displayed right away with larger fonts instead of taking you back on the map. Google Maps for Mobile is evolving rapidly in the past months; it is in my opinion, the best mobile application, period. Its only a matter of time before they add all the desktop features like supporting mash-ups and "my maps" provided that you would login via the program. That would be the ultimate mobile experience!

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tigurr said...

yup, i'm stuck with the version too... so i can see where the busstops are, but i get nothing for status.... that will be super once i can get 2.2 on my n95