June 23, 2008

Griffin Brings Non-Bluetooth Alternative Headset Solutions

As I've mentioned from my other blog, WittyMarketing, the California driving law banning the use of handset while driving is starting to pickup some national attention. Mobile community is taking the initiative to make driving safer by producing more hands free solutions. Personally, I've never been a big fan of bluetooth headsets, largely because I find this solution more of a problem when it comes to draining my mobile phone and the need to keep it charged.

I've always preferred stereo headphones with built-in mic; most phones like the HTC 8525, Nokia N95 and iPhone usually comes with a set, quality, however is arguable. Griffin just announced two products that will help you in this area: 1). Griffin TuneBuds Mobile (not to be mixed with the standard TuneBuds), a pair of high quality headphones designed to fit better on your ears and offers an inline mic, 2). Griffin SmartTalk is a cool solution if you've already invested in a nice set of headphones. Its a simple inline mic and adaptor that lets you plug in your own headphones. Great for those that have invested in an expensive pair of Bose or Shure headphones.

I will try to get my hands on both to provide a full-on review, stay tuned!

Tip: Generally speaking, a headset with built-in mic would have a third black ring on the male plug, see both images above!!!

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