June 24, 2008

In-flight Wifi, a reality

American Airline will be testing an in-flight WiFi utilizing AirCell technology tomorrow. For anywhere from $9.95 to $12.95 depending on the duration of the flight, you can now pass the time with the world wide web at 35,000 feet. AA will be the third domestic airline to test onboard WiFi service next to JetBlue and Virgin.

As this technology becomes ready for mainstream, what would our flight experience be like? For starters, business guys can now utilize this downtime to checkup on emails and increase work productivity. Students can rely on the web to finish a school project or elect to waste time via Facebook or whatever Web2.0 hottness at the time. Entertainment is suddenly more available with YouTube, Hulu.com and Sling Media player readily available. Communication using IM, Twitter, and Email will be great to inform friends and family about your real time status.

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