June 13, 2008

iPhone 3G Data Plan Gives 0 SMS

If you plan to buy or upgrade to the new iPhone 3G come July 11th, in addition to the new $30 unlimited data plan (currently at reasonable $20/month), be prepared to shell out $5 more for a mere 200 SMS that once was part of the package. This, over the 24-month contracted period, translates into $360 more over the first gen iPhone data plan in a two year period. This is starting to piss me off. Basically, they are turning a gadget which was suppose to be a one-time impulse purchase into a car-payment like structure (ie. 0 down payment, high interest scheme).

The original iPhone did not come with a 3G chip, which is its own flaw. Just by adding the 3G chipset into the new iPhone doesn't warrant AT&T to charge a $10 premium for the already 3G service; not to mention not everywhere in the U.S. have AT&T 3G coverage; which means some folks will be stuck with EDGE while paying $10 per month more. Additionally, with the increased cost, they should be increasing the SMS not taking it away.

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