June 9, 2008

iPhone 3G - The Good Times are Over!

Its a big day today in the mobile world regarding to the iPhone 3G news. All the goodies are there (3G, WiFi, AGPS) and some bad (cheaper plastic housing, no copy and paste)

Couple of thoughts before calling it a night:

* Although 3G iPhones are priced cheaper, you must sign up 2 year contract up front, in store
* The days of unlocking iPhones are over... I mean you can still do it, but must stick with AT&T contract regardless
* The new low price of $199 and $299 for iPhones are not really cheap. Data plan is $30 now (shame on Apple and AT&T); I can't stress how important it is to keep unlimited data plan low to encourage the mass to sign up

This new change to $30 data plan is a big shocker for me. I was about to upgrade my existing iPhone until I saw that...

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