June 9, 2008

Nokia N95-3, shuts itself down, once again!

I'll make this one short. We had a storm last night here in NYC. I wanted to setup a backup alarm incase the power is out for a brief time resetting my clock. I grabbed my wife's iPhone instead of my Nokia N95 fearing it may shut itself down during the night (my worst nightmare).

Well, the storm did not trip the power grid so my alarm clock worked fine. When I picked up my N95-3, it had turned off on its own sometimes in the middle of the night. I just chuckled at it, rigby ht now, this Nokia N95-3 is just a joke to me. Its unreliable and I can't trust it... just counting down my days to buy the Sony Xperia X1 or possible 3G iPhone (maybe today...)

Last time this happened, I tried reinstalling all the media back on my MicroSDHC thinking that could be the cause. This time, I am leaning towards my custom profile setting (which shouldn't cause this) but I will revert back to the default profile "NORMAL" and remove my custom setting for further testing.

PS - I am actually on a business trip to Chicago for a couple of days. Guess I'll be relying on the hotel reception for wake up calls... :)

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