June 19, 2008

Nokia N95 Shuts Itself Down, Once again

Like I've said, I will continue to blog about how my N95 just shuts itself down randomly ever since the 20.2.11 firmware upgrade. To keep track of how many times it has done this, visit my original article "Nokia N95-3 Mysteriously Shuts Down".

As part of the remedy this time around, I will perform a Nokia factory restore/reset *#7780# (this method is mild because it keeps all of my contacts and apps in place) in hopes the problem will go away. Hopefully, there will be no "next time", but I will likely try the soft-reset *#7370# to bring it back to factory default.


Alexandr Buntylo said...

i have the same problem as you are and it freaks me out please let me know if you fixed it and how thanks

andy said...

I found a temporary solution, by changing the network setting to GSM-only (instead of Dual mode); hence no more 3G while idling. I can switch 3G back on when I really need to.

So far this seems to have solved the problem for now, other members on HowardForum agrees as well. I hope Nokia will fix this soon by releasing a better firmware.

My last post regarding to this solution can be found here: