June 28, 2008

Review: Sandisk Cruzer Micro 8GB w/ U3 Technology

I picked up a Sandisk Cruzer Micro USB Flash drive because it has a large 8GB capacity and was on sale. I bought it at Buy.com for $30 (would have been out the door but was charged sales tax). I chose Sandisk because of its brand and quality; I've had jumpdrives made by Sony in the past and the transfer rate was unacceptable and brands like Kingston or Sandisk seems to do the trick.

The first thing I noticed about this flash drive is the embedded "U3" technology; some type of protection of your data. Generally speaking, I hate the spam-ware or bloat-ware forced upon me by hardware makers. So regardless of how it functions, I just want my full 8GB Capacity and do not want anything else on there. I read about a few people complaining about it so I did not hesitate getting rid of this. Lucky for me, using Mac OS X, it was as easy as reformatting under Utilities>Disk Utility>ERASE.

After that process, I was off to using this new jump drive. It looks great with retractable connector and is quite small. I test transferred some media files and the transfer rate is pretty fast. The retractable switch also lights up when plugged in. Anyone looking for a small, good looking USB drive should look no further, this one will pull the weight!

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