June 3, 2008

Revue Media Management Review

With adoption and population of "smart" phones on the rise, so followed mobile apps. Special thanks to Jennifer from FortyThree PR, the mobile experience had the opportunity to review a mobile app called "Revue". Available only on Windows Mobile phones, it is practically an all around solution to manage your music, photos, and video plus more.

Installation and set up was a breeze as it scans your phone (including storage card) for all music, photo, and video files. After that, it's all set to go and you can easily navigate between the three categories to view your files in a variety of methods. A perfect example is viewing your photos in library, timeline, album, or slideshow fashion. You can also search, sort, and/or organize in multiple ways depending on the file being music, video, or photo. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to test the more specific features as my phone forced a hard reset on me thanks to corporate IT. Based on my initial test, I can say that speed and usability is a plus so I am giving the benefit of the doubt that the remainder would follow suit. The site calls out extra features that I was unable to test:

* Edit/enhance photos
* Create standard or smart playlists for music
* Read multiple file formats for all categories of files
* Share via email, blog, text message (only for photos, I imagine using MMS)

A typical scenario would include: listening to music, taking a picture or video, editing/posting and writing about it on your blog, all on the fly. I could do similar without the program but this defeats the purpose of the app as it offers a clean and simple UI, easy navigation, organization of your files, plus more. For the price of $29.99, I would recommend this to the specific target that they aim for: Mobile Media Users – those who want their phone as a organized media player (music, photos, video, and blogging).


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