June 25, 2008

Samsung OMNIA

Introducing the Samsung OMNIA meaning "everything" in Latin and "wish" in Arabic, is essentially "everything" that you can possibly "wish" for in a phone. For those that think twice of seeing the device before, it looks like the Instinct offered by Sprint PCS except running on WM 6.1 Pro plus more. It is a fully touch based with high resolution and a platinum type finish. Competing against the other major manufacturers, Samsung is introducing to WM a patended UI, TouchWiz. It allows for tap, sweep, drag/drop and allows for customization of your home/start page with widgets. It even includes a optical mouse similar to those on laptops for easier navigation. Typing on the phone is done via a onscreen QWERTY keyboard. Enhancements to more "standard" features of phones targeted to this audience include: a 5MP CMOS camera w/ auto-focus face and smile detection and auto-panorama shot, option for 8 or 16GB flash memory with additional storage option, GPS with included navigation and geo-tagging capabilities, HSDPA, video recording, FM radio, MS Office, and more.

All in all, this phone is a great new competitor to fight against the likes of the Sony Xperia, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, iPhone v2.0, and more to come. In my opinion, the Touch Pro and Xperia is for a niche within this segment of phones since it includes the physical keyboard. The decision is up to you but its a real tight race dependent on which UI is fit for you and your priorities of feature sets.

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andy said...

This one looks nice and looks like WM6.1 Pro is opening up some pretty cool UI function.