July 30, 2008

BlackBerry KickStart Flip Phone Video

The folks at CrackBerry.com got a hold of the latest BlackBerry entry, the KickStart which is a flip-phone styled BlackBerry. This is the first time in RIM history to produce their tried and true device in a flip form factor. Engadget posted a video here if you want to see a good video review.

As I watched the video of the KickStart 8220 bootup, I can't help but getting a Deja-vu feeling of the Nokia-empire. It feels very much like seeing the good ole' Symbian S60 3rd edition OS appearing on various form factor smartphones Nokia has to offer (Eseries, Nseries, etc.).

Its amazing to watch Research In Motion to transform its once small empire into such a wide array of products. If they keep up the reliability end of things, I see lots of good things to come.

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