July 9, 2008

Get more battery life out of your Nokia N95-3

Ever since I turned off my 3G data network setting on the Nokia N95-3 which seems to have provided a temporary fix for the bug in firmware 20.2.011 from shutting itself off randomly, I noticed a significant boost in battery run time per charge cycle. I am going on three days with the battery meter showing as full. Is the 3G chip really that draining on the battery?


Gustavo Campos said...
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Gustavo Campos said...

Hey my Friend, I have the N95 8G and I'm going to explaining you why your battery got increased after you turn off your 3G, The thing is 3G spend much more energy than EDGE, because its is using much more frequency rate from your cellphone, although you can apply to get usual to it or change your phone use the UMTS barrier when needed, because it will not going to stay pooling for edge or even GPRS all the time, But just do it if your 3G covering is really good. Though the 3G is much more attractive, but sometimes old technologies are much more reliable because they have been tested and involved a lot through over time, thus try to get usual to it, and every time you shall going to need faster connection change it manually.

Morethenever there is some rumours over the internet saying that soon nokia will release new batteries which will provide much more life time for our cellphone with 3G but while it is just a whole idea...

In my case I'm using my N95 just to internet, I applied for a DATA PLAN only, I even can receive Callings, but I can't call. I was pretty happy till I ran up against my mail. For some particular reasons I had to activate an account with IMAP for instant mail reception (like a blackberry) and believe me Its drained my battery, which was standing for almost 12 hours long. After I change it to EDGE its started to remain days!!!!!

So, I think I have shared my point of view!


Gustavo Campos