July 18, 2008

Gmail IMAP for Treo 680

I've been trying to figure out a way to get IMAP setup on Treo 680 (without having to pay for a third party application). Since the default VersaMail email program version 3.55 doesn't play well with Gmail IMAP (only POP3), I started to do some research. Thankfully, I stumbled across this thread which lead me to this brilliant blog entry with step by step instruction which showed me how to obtain an updated VersaMail 4.01 that was intended for the Sprint Palm Centro users. I'll save the rant on why Palm chooses to single out Treo (Garnet 5.9.4 users) when it is the exact same OS as the Centro for next time.

In short, you can just point your Blazer browser to this .PRC link or go through the steps recommended on Palm's Centro support page.

GMAIL IMAP settings can be found here

Update 7/21/08: I have been using VersaMail 4.01 for the past two days and have a very satisfied smile on my face as its working out great. IMAP support is a must have for smartphones. Don't know why Palm would not provide this as an update for Treo 680 users.


Aman said...

Thanks for this. Very cool! And it works on my Treo 700p.

The nice thing is that reading an email on the phone marks it as read on the web, but marking an email as deleted on the phone does nothing to the item on the web. So there is some integration, but it's not complete.

andy said...

I believe you can change the delete option within preference to mark it deleted on the IMAP server as well. Otherwise, it gives you the option of just delete the said email from handset only.

Aman said...

Yep. I've got that checked. And I've done some more configuration where it's working almost perfectly.

The only problem is that if I mark an email on the web as archived, it does not move out of the phone's inbox. The only way I can get this to work is if I "Sync Server Folders" (menu+L), which is a pain as it generates an error ("Folder Treo Email selected for sync does not exist on the IMAP server"), plus 2 clicks to OK.

I suspect this has something to do with the difference in naming conventions between the Treo and Gmail. For example, I know that under preferences, the Server Folder names should be:
Deleted: [Gmail]/All Mail
Sent: [Gmail]/Sent
From what I can best figure, the Root folder should be [Gmail]/, but I'm not sure that's the case.

Any suggestions?

And are you having any of these problems? How are your folders configured?

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