July 22, 2008

Improve iPhone 3G Battery Life (firmware 2.0)

iPhone's new firmware 2.0 has stepped up in so many ways empowering users with so much more functionality. Some of these improvement will inevitably become more power hungry. If you need these new functions, its fine, but some people may not need them but don't realize they are by default turned on. So here are some ways to stretch your battery life in between charges:

* 3G iPhones can turn off 3G Data (settings->network)
* Turn off FETCH New Data
(settings->Fetch New Data->Push->OFF )
(settings->Fetch New Data->Fetch->Manually)
* Set your mail account to Manual instead of PUSH or FETCH email
(settings->Fetch New Data->Advanced)
* Lower LCD brightness (settings->brightness)
* Turn off location services (settings->general)
* Turn off WiFi
* Turn off Bluetooth (under settings->general->bluetooth)
* Lower ringing volume
* Turn off vibrate when ringtone is on

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