August 21, 2008

iPhone 2.0.2 Firmware Out, More Mystery Bug Fixes

I sync'd my PWN'd iPhone 1st gen. on iTunes tonight to find out 2.0.2 firmware is out. According to most publications on the web, it is designed to fix 3G bugs. I'll hookup my wife's iPhone 3G tonight to give it shot. Hopefully it fixes the bug from the occasional shutdown that she has been complaining about.

In separate news, ZiPhone guy is dropping some clues on his latest "crack", have a look here. Looks like the iPhone Dev Team is working on updating its famous PWNAGE tool, but you can pwn 2.0.2 firmware using a program called QuickPwn for PCs. They are supposedly working on a QuickPwn software for Mac as well as updating PWNAGE as I type up this article.

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