September 18, 2008

$9 iPhone Macro Lens Produce Stellar Shots

[Update: 11/7/2008: Griffin's Clarifi iPhone 3G case has a built-in lens cover to enhance macro-shots at the distance of 4-6" from an object. I've gotten my hands on them for a good review here.]
[Update: 4/26/2009: USBFever sells a wide-angle/macro lens 0.67x for $16.99 which can be attached to any decent camera phone using magentic, more info...]

My long time friend and former boss Alex shared a set of iPhone photos on flickr using a portable RadioShack $8.99 zoom lens set to create stunning macro shots. With proper lighting, these images look like professional photos taking by equipments that cost 10 times more. I was just blogging about using my iPhone camera as a portable scanner to take macro shots of documents on-the-go as a reference tool, coupled with this solution, I'll be able to take amazing shots too.

Alex has been my mentor in many subjects, amongst them: cigars, wines, single-malt scotch, baseball and obviously, photography. To check out more of his work, check out

flicker set here.

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I found a great deal of helpful info here!

appsman said...

For the iPhone 4 and 4S you can print this cute holder and buy a high quality glass lens for $4 to fit it: