September 11, 2008

iPod Touch Bargain - Get 1st Gen for $198

With the second generation iPod Touch out, which I'd argue the change is minimal (ie. external volume control, speaker, slightly longer battery life), maybe its time to consider the first generation iPod Touch for a bargain. You can have buy one for as low as $198 shipped (and no tax in some states) directly from iPod Touch is a great alternative to an iPhone or even a laptop computer when traveling. It has WiFi and famous mobile Safari to allow you to check on pretty much anything so long as you've got access to a WiFi hotspot. Photos, contacts, email, maps and lets not forget MP3/Video iPod all in one with the awesome multi-touch. Now that it supports firmware 2.1, lots of bugs have been squashed with app store support to let the "game on".

8GB iPod Touch - $198
16GB iPod Touch - $269
32GB iPod Touch - $368

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