September 15, 2008

Leverage Smartphone Cameras for Better Mobile Experience

I have been using my smartphone's camera and photo viewer for a better mobile experience for quite some time. I've taken pictures of wine labels, signages, posters and maps just because, literally, a picture is worth a thousand words and I don't have to remember a specific set of information or writing them down.

With smartphone camera's getting more and more sophisticated (ie. Samsung SCH-V770, Nokia N95, HTC Diamond HD, etc.), one can start to rely on their smartphone cameras for more serious information capturing (scanning) and with data network and mobile email becoming so convenient, you can instantly send that information to anyone you'd like.

Recently, I've used my iPhone camera as a scanner to send a letter to my cousin for him to review, to my surprise, the photo came out clean enough for him to read in its entirety. My favorite is when I took some pictures of a floor plan (whole and in parts) and took it with me to Ikea for furniture shopping. I was able to zoom in/out and pan in all directions to get the room dimension easily. I feel like James Bond.

Update: I just saw a new product coming soon from Griffin that could be interesting. I noticed whenever I took pictures of closeups (Macro, if you will), the camera has a hardtime staying focused, or it will only focus one corner of the entire paper. Griffin's new Clarify case, for iPhone 3G has a built-in zoom lens to help with Macro shots. I will try to test one out to see if this enhances my mobile "scanning" solution.

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