September 3, 2008

Review: Sprint CDMA Ev-DO Wireless USB Modem

Fast! That is probably the best word to describe my experience surfing the web over Sprint's EV-DO broadband network. It does not feel like a mobile network at all. Just plain fast.

I got a chance to test out the Sprint Novatel Wireless U727 modem. This thing looks like an over-sized jump drive (and it even acts like one too, with a built-in MicroSD slot for even more memory expansion). Installation was a breeze; as soon as it is connected to my Windows XP machine, it automatically launched the installer program. A couple of minutes later, it asked me to restart my computer. After computer is restarted, the drive proceeded to finish installation.

Upon complete installation, the Sprint Mobile Broadband manager is presented on the desktop. By clicking on it, it initializes with the closest EV-DO tower. When I click on "connect" it took less than a few seconds to connect to the broadband network.

As mentioned above, this thing is fast. While using it, I can't really tell the difference between my WiFi network or the Sprint Broadband. My speedtest showed an astounding 1114 kb/s download and 403 kb/s download rate. As I am typing this very entry, I am using it to upload pictures, organizing Picasa Slideshow, etc.

So far, I've only been stationary so performance is superb and I live in NYC which is probably one of the most "wired" city in the country. I'll try to test out the network in a moving environment in the next few days as I'll be traveling across country and check on my connection speed throughout every location (ie. airports, west coast, etc.). Stay tuned.

Overall, I am very impressed with Sprint's mobile broadband network.